Gum Grafts Alloderm

Do you have receding gums ?

Besides being unsightly, gingival recession can cause sensitivity to hot, cold and to brushing your teeth. Thankfully, the Alloderm technology is here and has been offered at Studio Dentaire Art-Dent for many years.

What is an Alloderm graft ?
Alloderm is a donated tissue that has been processed to remove cells creating a regenerative tissue matrix. Donor tissue is extensively screened and tested and then undergoes proprietary procedures to ensure that Alloderm is ready for use in patients.

Very safe and aesthetic, the Alloderm grafts are treatments to cover teeth recession without having to make a palate sample, like previously with the traditional technique.

The traditional technique is consisted of taking a flap of skin from the palate and sutures it to the receding gum. The advantage of this technique is the chance of graft rejection is low because the flap of skin comes from you rather than a donor. The disadvantage is that there are 2 areas must heal.

If you are a smoker, don’t forget to tell your dentist.

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