Obturations and Fillings

Obturations or a filling consists of fixing a tooth with a cavity, a fracture or when a restoration no longer seals a tooth adequately. In certain situations, fillings give us the possibility to make minor aesthetic corrections.

Please note that a tooth with a cavity for which a filling has been prescribed must get fixed as soon as possible because it can get bigger. The more the cavity is big the more the filling is expensive. When a cavity goes without treatment, it can result in an abscess for which the only treatment is a root canal or an extraction, and that can bring a lot of complications.

Composite is a material that comes in a paste or liquid containing particles of quartz silica and zirconium. It is very aesthetic and allows invisible restorations thanks to a multitude of tints. Initially used for anterior teeth, composite is now more resistant to wear and allows its use to restore the posterior teeth as well.