Your mouth is the mirror of your health !

Did you know ?

Numerous scientific studies show that there is a connection between gum disease and certain health problems. Cardio vascular diseases, respiration infections, none controlled diabetes or the birth of premature babies. Periodontitis is the principal case of tooth loss in adults. This disease attacks the jawbone and the palate destroying the foundations that support the tooth.

Signs of gum diseases or periodontal diseases :

- Red or swollen gums
- Gum sensitivity to the touché or while you’re brushing your teeth
- Bleeding while brushing your teeth or while flossing
- Receding gums
- Persistent bad breath
- Loose teeth

If you have one or more of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to the microscope we can diagnose the bacteria responsible for your periodontal disease. Subsequently we will be able to control and eliminate the infection responsible for the gum disease. The success of this therapy rests on the relationship between the client and their hygienist.

Studio Dentaire Art-Dent offers many choices when it comes to the treatment of gum disease.

- The microscope approach is recommended because it allows us to precisely diagnose what is responsible for the disease and orients us towards a permanent cure. The treatment will take several months with disinfection products and ointments for the gums. Also, there will be a close monitoring by the dental hygienist.

- Sub gingival curettage allows us to remove tarter under the gums, we proceed with a mechanical technique to remove roughness on the root of the teeth, but there is no disinfection. This treatment can be done with or without surgery.

More frequent teeth cleaning, three or four per year can slow down gum disease, but won’t completely cure it.

Please note that gum disease screening is done every time you get your teeth cleaned. If you have problems with your gums, your hygienist will discuss it with you and will offer you the treatment necessary for you to heal !